High Temperature/High Humidity Policy
June 17, 2024

Environment Canada issues a heat/humidity advisory/warning when the heat/humidity will reach 40ºC or more and these conditions are expected to last for 1 hour or more. 

When this occurs referees and coaches are encouraged to allow for several water breaks during the game and, at a minimum, break at approximately the half way point of each half. Coaches should also ensure that players hydrate themselves prior to and during the game.

Teams and referees are required to proceed to the game and then a decision can be taken at that time whether the conditions, including heat, weather, field condition, are safe for the game to proceed.

The Club follows the District (Eastern Ontario District Soccer Association) policy. The KDSC does not cancel games due to heat/humidity unless it is mandated by the District to cancel programming as a threshold has been reached (37ºC heat temperature or >40ºC humidity value for game time kickoff). Should this mandate of cancelling programming occur from the District, the Club will issue out a communication to the impacted programs for the day/evening (aim to be 3-4 hours prior to scheduled kickoff).

KDSC, Board of Directors

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