By-Laws of the Kemptville District Soccer Club

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Date of Amendment
Date of AGM
Person Amending
Original September 1998
November 19, 2000
September 20, 2000
RM Hone
September 14, 2004
September 18, 2004
Kelli Cumming


Every member shall receive, upon request, a copy of the Constitution and Bylaws. A copy of these shall also be made available on the club website.


All games will be played under FIFA rules, except where modified by the Ontario Soccer Association, the Eastern Ontario District Association, the Executive or the Leagues in which our teams are affiliated.

1.House League

A) Team Size
There will be a maximum of twelve (12) players for U5 & U7, fourteen (14) players for U9 and U11 and twenty (20) players for U13 - U18 house league teams. All other teams shall be governed by the League in which the team is registered to play in.
B)Team Regulations
  1. 1.All players, except guest teams, must be registered on the prescribed Regulation Form, signed by a parent or guardian for underage players. The use of unregistered players will result in forfeiture of any and all games the unregistered player participated in.
  2. Altering teams in any manner will only be allowed with the permission of the Executive, or their designated Convener for that Division. Permission will only be given due after consideration has been given to the strengths and weaknesses of the other teams in the Division. Under no circumstances will a new player be allowed to strengthen a team which is in the top half of the standings at the time.
  3. No team, with the exception of a Tournament team, will be allowed to use a player who is a member of another team organized by this Association, without the approval of the Executive. Approval will only be granted under the authority of Bylaw 2 Subsection 1.B.4.
  4. Coaches, with the permission of the coach of the team being drawn from and with the permission of the parent or guardian where applicable, will be allowed to use players from the next lower Division to bring their team to strength for a game. In the case of a dispute, the team which you are allowed to draw from will be designated by the Executive. Every effort must be made to get your own players out before calling these substitutes. Competitive teams will also be allowed to draw players from the equivalent House League team. Any deviation from this rule will result in the forfeiture of any and all games the "call up" players participated in. Team "call up" must follow Bylaw 2 Subsection 1.
(C) Game Length

All House League games will have a minimum five (5) minute half time break or longer as indicated by the referee.
  • U5 division 15 minute halves
  • U7 division 20 minute halves
  • U9 division 25 minute halves
  • U11 division 30 minute halves
  • Adult House League 45 minute halves
All other games will be governed by the League in which the team is registered to play in.

D) Irregular Conditions
  1. 1. If a team cannot field at least seven (7) within ten (10) minutes of the scheduled kick -off time that team will forfeit the game to the opposing team. The game will be recorded as a 2 to 0 win for the opposing team. The exception to this rule will be in the U11 and under divisions where a minimum of five (5) players is required.
  2. If neither team can field the minimum number of players within ten (10) minutes of kick - off time the game will be rescheduled (except where this would contradict Bylaw 2F6).
  3. In games shortened by late starts, five (5) minutes will be allotted for the half time break and the remaining time divided fifty (50%) percent to each half of play.
  4. Under no circumstances will late starts be allowed to interfere with a starting time of the next game in a double header, unless permission is obtained by the coaches involved in the next game.
  5. In the event of bad weather the Referee will decide if the game is to be played, delayed or rescheduled. If the game is delayed Bylaw 2F3 and 2F4 take precedence. Games should only be postponed in the case of a heavy downpour which makes the field unsafe or unplayable. However, if there is lightning in the area the game will be abandoned immediately and the players sent home. If the second half of the game has started, the game will be entered as complete and the score stands. If the game is still in the first half or at break, the game will rescheduled (except where this would contradict Bylaw 2F6).
  6. The Club will make every effort to ensure that all players get to play at least 10 games per outdoor house league season. Generally more games will be scheduled to allow for weather and situations beyond our control. Games will only be rescheduled at the house league level when it means that teams will have played less than ten (10) games.
(E) Important Notes
  1. All players will be given an equal amount of playing time within the guidelines of common sense.
  2. All players who arrive late (with just reason) must be given the opportunity to play an equal share of the remaining time.
  3. Teams will be made as fairly as possible by the appropriate convener. Teams may be altered early in the season if the convener or executive determine that teams would be more fair.
  4. Teams that are winning a game by more than five (5) goals are asked to play a more defensive game in the spirit of fun.
  5. Spectators are to sit on the opposite side of the field to coaches. Only registered coaches, assistants and players are permitted in the bench area.
  6. Coaches and spectators are not permitted on the field of play without the consent of the referee. Exception at the U5 and U7 divisions where coaches are permitted on the field to instruct players for one half of the game.
  7. Coaches must stay in their designated bench area and not coach from the end zones as this is a distraction to opposing team and goalies.
  8. Players may request to play up to a higher age group as long as it will not displace anyone of the correct age from a team.
  9. Player substitutions are permitted:
a) Player substitutions in all divisions will be allowed on goal kicks, kick offs and for injured players. The only exception will be in the U11 and below divisions where substitutions will be allowed during any stoppage of play.
b) The referee must be notified of all changes.
c) The player must be off the field before the substitute can enter the playing area
d) Goal keeper changes may be allowed at any time covered in Bylaw 1 Subsection 10(a) except where the referee determines it is being used as a delaying tactic. In this case he may disallow the change or add additional time to the half.
e) Players that play in the South Side Soccer League are subject the rules of the league in which they play.
2. Competitive

Most of the House League rules apply to competitive players as well. Exceptions are noted in this section.
  1. Tryout for competitive teams will be held for four weeks which will be determined after registration is complete.
  2. Coaches must provide a list of chosen players and player books to the registrar by the date determined at the commencement of tryouts.
  3. Players should be notified if they have made a team in private and if requested given an explanation as why they have or have not made a team.
  4. a) Youth players are encouraged to remain with their respective age groups.
    b) However, exceptional players, should they desire and if they are recognized as such by the Club Head Coach may try out for an older team provided it would not cause the folding of the team at their appropriate age level.
    c) Players are not guaranteed a spot on their appropriate age level team and are encouraged to go to all tryouts.
  5. Coaches and players agree to abide by not only the constitution and bylaws of the Kemptville District Soccer Club but also of the league in which they are playing (Eastern Regional Soccer League, Ottawa Carleton Soccer League)
  6. It is highly recommended that games where no referee is available are rescheduled. Those preside over a game. The only exception to this would be if a qualified C3 referee was available to step in.
  7. While equal play time is still encouraged in competitive soccer, the club recognizes that it is a different environment than house league. Coaches are encouraged to use caution when not using equal playing time, as we want all our players to feel part of a team. Players and parents should be a made aware at tryouts that there is the possibility of unequal play time and that playing time is at the discretion of the coach(s).
  1. Only equipment allowed by the Executive will be allows on the playing area during a game or practice.
  2. Size 3 balls will be used in U5 and U7 divisions, size 4 will be used in U9, U11 and U13 divisions and size 5 balls will be used for U15, U18 and Senior divisions.
  3. Cleats are recommended at all levels of play. Shin pads are required at all levels of play.

The Club will make every effort to provide Referees for every game. However, in the event that a referee does not appear, the coaches can either notify the Executive that they wish to have the game rescheduled or designate an alternative Referee acceptable to both teams. Coaches are advised to use caution in selecting an alternate referee for the U13 to U17 Divisions when games are scheduled against visiting teams. It is advised that these games be rescheduled. All U18 divisions must not play without a qualified referee due to the high intensity of these games.

  1. Slide Tackles will be called as per FIFA rules with the exception of women's house league where they will not be permitted. They will also not be permitted in any house league divisions (U5 - U11).
  2. Offside will be called at all age groups U9 and up, however, at the U9 age level the calls will be restricted to "cherry- picking" so as not to disrupt the flow of play.
A) Coaches and Assistants are expected to take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of all players.

B) Coaches and Assistants are expected to adhere to all League rules and to conduct themselves in a manner which is a good example to the players and spectators.

C) Coaches and Assistants are confined to the sidelines within their teams technical area and may not coach from behind the goal or in the other teams technical area as it is a distraction to the Goal Keeper and the opposing team.

D) In the U5 and U7 Division, each coach will be allowed on the field for the one half of the game.


A) All teams within a reasonable traveling distance of the Club will be given consideration for entry into our Club. They will be subject to the rules and regulations of this Club. An entry fee will be levied by the Club.

B) A list of eligible players, along with their date of birth, must be provided before the start of the season.

C) Adequate refereeing will be provided for all guest team home games. If in the opinion of the executive the refereeing is having an adverse effect on the outcome of games a Referee will be provided by the Executive at the expense of the guest team.

A) Have your team at the field at least ten (10) minutes before kick - off (thirty (30) minutes for competitive teams).

B) Referee call are to be accepted without challenge during and after the game. Decisions, which in the opinion of the Coach, seriously affect the outcome of the game are covered by Bylaw 10.

C) We do our best to provide the best refereeing possible. It is important that all coaches and spectators show the proper respect to the Referee to insure our program of Referee Training is not adversely affected by discouraging incidents.

D) In soccer it is normal practice for the Coach to thank the Referee after each match. It is also customary for teams to shake hands and wish each other a "good game".

E) Team uniforms provide a great deal of style and enthusiasm to the game, as well as being a tremendous help to the Referee. We must insist that each player be made to wear their uniform to every game. Consistently ignoring this policy will result in the player not being able to play until they have their uniform.

F) Accentuate the positive at all times. Continuous criticism is very discouraging for players of any age trying to learn and enjoy the game.

G) Encourage team supporters to cheer good play and ignore mistakes by both teams. Your example will go a long way in achieving this goal.

H) Spectators are watch the game from the opposite side of the field as their team in all age divisions. If two games are happening side by side coaches will set up in the middle and the spectators will sit on the opposite side.


Subject to the approval of the Executive, awards may be given to members.


Protests should be first addressed verbally to the person in charge of the Division. Should their decision not be satisfactory to you a written protest may be submitted to the Executive within forty-eight (48) hours of the game. Under no circumstance will arguing with the Referee be tolerated. It could result in the suspension of the Coach or Assistant responsible.


Registration fees for upcoming seasons will be published in advance of registration by way of website or other means as determined by executive. 

Other fees may be levied by the executive as deemed necessary.

Any refund of fees or charges shall be at the discretion of the executive.